Competition & Litigation Support

Indecon provides clients with expert assistance in cases and studies involving Irish and EU competition law, contractual disputes and other areas of commercial law.

Our expertise includes:

  • Economic assessment of mergers

  • Economics-based litigation support before national courts

  • Anti-trust investigation support before the European Commission and National Competition Authorities (NCAs)

  • Economics-based advice and support to firms under review by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)

  • Development of competition compliance programmes for businesses

  • Assessment of economic damages in cartel, intellectual property, personal injury and contractual cases

  • Valuation of Intellectual Property

  • Trade disputes including potential WTO cases, EC subsidy and dumping cases

  • Arbitration disputes (e.g., provision of economic analysis to a particular side in, for example, a dispute over royalty payments between two undertakings)

  • Economics-based advice on State Aids.

Unlike other consultancies or individual academics, we can draw on the wide experience of Indecon staff in business strategy, sectoral issues, industrial economics and organization, policy evaluation and quantitative modelling in order to support clients in litigation, in the evaluation of competition issues and in merger appraisal.

Indecon's advice in competition law and litigation support is based on logically consistent and evidence-based economic analysis, which is presented in a way that is clear, intelligible and of real value to the client.

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For further information on Indecon's Competition and Litigation advisory services, please contact Greg Swinand, Partner, at email:, or at the following address:

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Tel: + 353 (0)1 677 7144