Saturday 1 August, 2015


Since it was established in 1988, Indecon has provided exceptionally high quality and independent economic advice to voluntary organisations, government departments, local authorities and other clients. Indecon (Ireland) is a constituent firm within the Indecon International Economic Consultancy Group. The firm has advised government departments under every government and is politically non-aligned. Independent research has highlighted the quality of Indecon's analysis and the independence of the advice provided.

Indecon continues to assist clients in the public and private sectors by providing independent and neutral advice applying sophisticated economic analysis. Indecon staff have published high quality academic work including numerous books on economic policy issues. These include International Perspectives on the Irish Economy which included contributions from the Nobel Prize Winner Kenneth Arrow, and from Paul Krugman who more recently won the Nobel Prize in Economics. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book were provided to Focus Ireland, a leading charity for the homeless in Ireland.

In December 2010 three of Indecon's economists and partners, Alan Gray, Greg Swinand and William Batt, co-authored the major new book, Economic Analysis of Ireland's Comparative Advantages for Foreign Investment. This indicated that, given the scale of the challenges facing the Irish economy and the policy errors in other areas, the importance of keeping existing investment is clear. All of the sales proceeds from this are for Focus Ireland charity.

An example of Indecon's independent policy advice was the major Indecon review back in 2005 on the role of property based tax incentives. The analysis was critical of government based tax incentives which had artificially boosted major property development interests in Ireland and the report indicated "that many of the schemes have served their purpose and there is absolutely no case for future government incentives. Continuing to approve new projects would contribute to oversupply and represent a clear waste of scarce public resources". The Indecon analysis recommended the total abolition of the eight major property based tax incentives.

Many of Indecon's projects have been published by clients including studies for Amnesty International, The National Disability Authority, Special Olympics Ireland, the Sports Council as well as for various government departments and other clients.


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