Thursday 23 September, 2021

EU Stuctural Funds & Other Public Investments

EU Structural Funds and Other Public Sector Investments by Alan Gray

is published by Gill & MacMillan, Dublin.

EU Structural Funds and Other Public Sector InvestmentsThe book is a guide to evaluation methods. European structural funds were designated as the Community Support Framework for Ireland and so increased significantly. Practical problems arise for all member states in how to evaluate proposed investment expenditures. The same issues arise in relation to other public sector investments that are funded by national taxpayers.

No consistent methods of appraisal exist between the EU member states at the present time. Furthermore, within the individual member countries, different assumptions and approaches are used in the evaluation of proposed investments.

The book attempts to provide a practical guide to the methods of investment appraisal used in the EU. Drawing on considerable practical experience, the author makes use of many examples to highlight methodological issues while maintaining the applied nature of the subject.